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Welcome to Pure Dog Adventure training in Darlington

For scent detection training, mantrailing and puppy training, you can find us in Walworth, just a stone’s throw from Darlington, where we’ve got a whole world of fun, learning, and adventure waiting for you and your dog.

From puppies taking their first steps into training, to older dogs honing their skills, our classes offer a diverse range of activities to keep both you and your dog engaged and excited. We’ve got everything from scentwork and gun dog training to hoopers, parkour, obedience, and even mantrailing. Watch your dog thrive as they learn new skills and build their confidence.

What sets us apart is our close-knit community. We believe in positive reinforcement, mutual support, and above all, enjoying ourselves! It’s a little bit like a youth club with our dogs right at the heart of it all.

Fancy giving it a go? We can’t wait to meet you and your dogs. Take a look at our classes and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got any questions.

A few things we’re great at

From puppy training to scent detection, we have you covered

puppy foundations classes. Sports foundations
Puppy/ Sports Foundations

Suitable for puppies and beginners. Our Foundation Sports classes are great for teaching basics such as recall, settle and loose lead walking. Upon completion, you may join a regular sports class.

regular sports classes
Regular Sports Classes

Combining elements of Gundog, Hoopers, and Parkour to provide a diverse and engaging physical workout for your dog. These classes are great if you have done some training with your dog and have a rolling start.

scent detection training
Scent Detection Training

Where your dog gets to use their remarkable sense of smell to solve complex detection tasks in different environments. These classes and workshops are suitable for beginners and more experienced dogs alike.

mantrailing sessions
Mantrailing Sessions

Use your Dogs natural scent-tracking ability to locate a specific person in various settings. Like a giant game of hide and seek, across a variety of terrain, this is a puzzle solving and confidence building game for dogs.

one to one training sessions
One to One Training Sessions

Individualised programmes designed to meet your specific needs and goals, fostering your dog’s progress and enhancing your communication with them. We don’t typically deal with reactivity.

online training courses
Online Training Courses

We have several online programs including our settle and recall courses. These are delivered via zoom with lots of support available. Often, daily exercises are set with video critique to support you to train.

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