Does your dog need a nose job?

Unlock a world of sensory discovery with Pure Dog Adventure Training’s Scent Detection Classes. Situated in Darlington, our classes are dedicated to harnessing and enriching your dog’s exceptional sense of smell, offering an engaging and mentally stimulating adventure.

About our Scent Detection Classes

Delve into the captivating realm of scent detection with our specialised classes. We conduct operational-style searches in our unique farmyard location, complete with barns, courtyards, passageways, and stables, providing a challenging yet safe environment for your dog. Further, we host monthly scent detection trials in varied settings like museums, churches, and paintball centres, providing a novel and exciting element to each session.

Benefits of Scent Detection

Our classes are designed to amplify your dog’s natural detection abilities while also bolstering their confidence, resilience, and problem-solving skills. As an activity that demands mental agility, scent detection not only strengthens the bond with your dog but also enhances the trust and cooperation between you as you navigate tasks as a team.

Unique Individual Searches

A standout feature of our classes is the individual search approach. Each dog gets their chance to shine as they conduct their search, enabling us to tailor the experience to each dog’s pace, personality, and proficiency level. This one-on-one focus ensures your dog gets the most from each session, strengthening their skills while nurturing their love for the activity.

What you can expect

At Pure Dog Adventure Training, we celebrate each dog’s individuality. We offer personalised guidance in a nurturing environment, where our expert trainers adapt strategies to suit your dog’s unique needs and progress. With a maximum of five dogs per group, we balance personalised attention with a communal setting that encourages learning from others’ experiences.

Join our Community

Joining Pure Dog Adventure Training means becoming a part of a warm and inclusive community of dog enthusiasts. Embark on this journey of discovery with us, witnessing your dog’s growth and reveling in the shared joy of accomplishment.

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