About Us

What makes us so special?

I love learning and train with my own dogs regularly. I strive to keep my knowledge up to date and some of my more recent qualifications include:

  • Qualified Canine Coach
  • Mantrailing UK instructor
  • Skills for Justice Award Mantrailing.
  • British Mantrailing Academy Team ticket, with Evie cocker spaniel.
  • UK College of Scent Dogs Handler
  • UK College of Scent Dogs Instructor
  • ScentWork UK Judge
  • ScentWork UK Instructor
  • 1 year Mentorship with Conservation K9 Consultancy
  • 1 year Gundog Handler course
  • Previous Team Member, Search and Rescue with dogs certifed in Mantrailing and Scent Detection.
  • Completion of Water Search Course with Illka Hormila

My name is Laura, and I’m the founder and lead trainer of this club which offers dynamic dog training near Darlington. My journey to this point has been shaped by experiences as diverse as the dogs we serve.

Growing up as an army child, I experienced the challenge of constantly moving and the struggle of fitting in, especially during my teenage years. But in every cloud, there is a silver lining, and mine came in the form of Dog’s Trust in Darlington, my dad’s hometown. Here, I found solace amongst the dogs and the kind staff, immersing myself in volunteer work that soon evolved into an apprenticeship and set the trajectory for my career in animal training.

After 12 years with the dogs I explored different paths including teaching and banking, before a significant horse riding accident brought me back to a career with animals. I retrained as a horsemanship trainer, travelling as far as Colorado, Florida, California, Switzerland, and throughout the UK to hone my craft.

I took my passion a step further by developing a unique program, Horseworks, designed to empower vulnerable individuals through interacting with horses. Working in prisons, we explored learning theory, practised teaching horses simple tasks, and then delved into more complex challenges. The goal was to help develop a wide range of skills, from confidence and self-esteem to communication and teamwork. Most importantly, we built a strong sense of community and inclusion.

Drawing from these experiences, I established Pure Dog Adventure Training with a focus on building a similar strong community. I understand the feeling of not fitting in, of being seen as ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. I’ve lived through the experience of having dogs who were seen as ‘too loud’, ‘too independent’, ‘too crazy’ – dogs who didn’t quite ‘fit’.

That’s why our club welcomes everyone with open arms, celebrating the individuality of each dog and owner.

At Pure Dog Adventure Training, we don’t aim to ‘fix’ your dog, but rather celebrate them as they are. We adapt our exercises to fit all dogs, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our supportive community is here to make you and your dog feel comfortable, seen, and valued.

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