Knowledge is Power

Take a look at some of the FAQs we have been asked.

My dogs have never attended any formal training, can they come?

Absolutely! We have small groups so that we can offer lots of individual support with each of the exercises. You would be joining an existing group and you will find that each dog works at their own level with lots of suggestions for progression.

Where are you?

We have recently moved to an amazing training centre in Walworth, near Darlington.

What is the parking like?

Parking is easy, we have a carpark with plenty of space.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can I still come?

We can cater for most dogs, but please get in touch if your dog is reactive towards people or other dogs.

Should I use a collar or harness?

Personally, I would always use a well fitting harness, that offers unrestricted shoulder movement. When you are working with your dog on a lead and collar, it is very easy to cause discomfort/pain by pulling on their necks. We want them to be really comfortable when they are training and able to move their bodies in an unrestricted way.

Do you have indoor training areas when it is wet?

Our new training centre has a large shady barn that we can use for either parking or classes, depending on the time of your session. We also have another large training arena that we will use in the winter. For scent detection classes we have a variety of indoor setups to search.

What should I bring with me?

For each class you will receive a list of items to bring with you. You will typically need a long line/lead, harness, lots of tasty treats.

Do you only train spaniels?

No! We pride ourselves on being very inclusive and welcome all breeds.

What treats should I bring?

For all training sessions, you will need to bring LOTS of your dogs favourite treats. It is a good idea to bring a selection. Some options are cheese, squirty cheese, chicken, sausages, hot dog sausages, cubed pate, sardine cake