Welcome to our Sports Fusion Classes!

So many people have asked us for gun dog training, hoopers and obedience classes and we thought it would be great to make one class with all of the different disciplines in one. They are so much fun with gundog retrieves and patterns, tunnels and hoops and basics taught well, with a healthy dose of body awareness skills. Your dog will have a mentally stimulating full body workout.

Piper sits in a field springer spaniel black and white

Gun Dog Training

Our Gundog training element is all about FUN. All breed inclusive, we can tailor each exercise to suit your dog. If your dog doesn’t like to hold a dummy, we can use something else; some of our class dogs have a ball of socks, a tupperware box and a tube of primula cheese! We also have dogs who have no inclination to pick up a toy. That’s fine too. We can teach the same patterns using their favourite food. One of or club dogs can do a 100m, ‘blind’ retrieve pattern for a couple of pieces of kibble.


Our Hoopers training is great for building confidence and control at a distance. Dogs run through hoops and tunnels, around barrels and practice stopping on mats. We can use each element to teach so many things and build up lots of value in them for our dogs. The dogs don’t need to jump anything and the tunnels are tall enough so that they do not need to duck to go through them, meaning it’s great exercise for young and old joints alike.

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When you come to our Sports Fusion classes, we cover all the general obedience exercises in a positive, fun way. Through the use of games and fun exercises we can teach your dog loads of highly useful skills that you can practice in a variety of contexts. From sit/stays, settling, and nice heelwork, to go arounds, paws on and nose targets. Your dog will have a great time and really enjoy showing you just how amazing they are.

Here’s what you need to know:

course start dates:

Our regular Sports classes run all year round, with no set start date, meaning you can start anytime! Classes run for 45 mins.

Monday 7.30pm

Wednesday 6pm

Thursday 2.30pm & 6pm

Saturday 9am & 10am

Suitable for:

Our classes are suitable for all* dogs.

Puppies must be fully vaccinated.

Let us know if your dog is reactive in any way so that we can make suitable adjustments.

You are welcome to join a class if you have previously attended training classes or feel that you have a good level of training knowledge.


Each week you will be introduced to new exercises and games and will re- cover and build upon previous ones.

Our trainers are very approachable and are happy to answer any questions. Additionally, we have a private facebook group that you are welcome to join.

course price:

You can join us for 6 weeks initially, with a class each week. The whole course is £127, payable upon booking to secure a space.

Upon completion, if you would like to continue, you can switch to a monthly payment. Lots of people stay!