Dog Training: With a Twist!

Our Sports Classes

Our Sports Classes at Pure Dog Adventure Training

Welcome to an engaging and dynamic world of dog training with our sports classes. Our program merges key elements from Gun Dog Training, Hoopers, Obedience, and now Parkour, providing an exciting and diverse training experience that aligns with your dog’s natural interests. Suitable for all dogs and Puppies.

Gundog Training:

By tapping into your dog’s innate instincts, our Gun dog training exercises offer an engaging balance between learning and play. Suitable for all levels, this training module allows your dog to explore their natural behaviours while refining their skills.


Our Hoopers training is a thrilling, low-impact canine activity suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Guiding your dog through hoops and tunnels, we work to enhance their agility, bolster their confidence, and ultimately strengthen the bond you share.

Obedience Training:

Our Obedience exercises are built around fostering effective communication between you and your dog. By utilising positive reinforcement techniques, we empower you to build a relationship with your dog based on mutual respect and understanding.

Parkour Training:

Often described as ‘urban agility’, Parkour is an innovative way to challenge your dog physically and mentally. We encourage safe exploration and navigation of different terrains and obstacles, improving your dog’s fitness and agility, boosting confidence, and promoting adaptability.

What to Expect from the Classes

Every dog, regardless of breed or age, is an individual, with their own unique strengths and areas for improvement. That’s why our classes are personalised to suit your dog’s pace and abilities. Our expert trainers guide you through each step, giving you the skills and knowledge to help your dog flourish.

Our classes take place in a supportive and inclusive environment. With a limit of five dogs per group, you’ll have plenty of time and attention from our trainer. You’ll be joining a vibrant community of like-minded dog lovers, where everyone is on a journey to grow and learn with their dogs.

Join Us

Join us at Pure Dog Adventure Training, where we turn training into a fun and beneficial journey for both you and your dog. With our sports classes, your dog will learn, play, and develop essential skills, and you will love it!