Mantrailing: Seek and you shall find

What is Mantrailing?

Essentially a giant game of hide and seek, dogs are taught to search for and follow the trail of a ‘missing’ person. Our dogs are offered something belonging to the ‘missing’ person to sniff. This tells the dog who it is they are following. They then use their amazing sniffing skills to locate them. Dogs love it!

Who can do it?

Any dog! All the dogs work individually and we set trails according to ability and experience so each dog can be set up to succeed, while progressing at their pace. There is no requirement for handlers to be ridiculously fit, most trails are about 300 metres long.

What do you need to know?

We train in a variety of locations, each chosen for their unique scent puzzles. We take advantage of weather conditions, different terrain and their ‘busy-ness’. The training areas we choose are local to Darlington, generally have easy parking and there is someone around to watch the vehicles while we train.

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