Mantrailing: Seek and you shall find

At Pure Dog Adventure Training, our training is designed to enhance your dog’s natural abilities, thereby fostering a sense of achievement and satisfaction for both of you. Our mantrailing sessions offer an engaging and rewarding experience.

Develop Your Dog’s Scent-Tracking Skills. By tapping into your dog’s natural scenting ability, our sessions guide them through exciting trails. Each one ends with the successful location of a ‘missing person.’ This approach not only motivates but also builds confidence in your dog. It also improves their problem-solving skills and strengthens your mutual communication.

Enjoy the Multiple Benefits of Mantrailing. Besides offering valuable physical exercise, these sessions provide crucial mental stimulation. This is key in curbing unwanted behaviours that often stem from boredom or anxiety. Moreover, working together towards a shared goal is an excellent way to deepen your bond with your dog.

Experience Training in Various Settings. Rather than limiting our sessions to a single location, we choose diverse environments. This strategy aligns with our learning objectives, providing your dog with a dynamic and stimulating training experience.

Personalised Training in a Supportive Community. At Pure Dog Adventure Training, we combine individual attention with the advantages of a community setting. While we operate in small groups, each dog receives one-on-one training which allows us to tailor our approach to suit each dog’s unique needs and learning pace. You’ll be part of a community of fellow dog owners, where you can share experiences and tips in a friendly and supportive environment.

Join Our Mantrailing Sessions Today. In our sessions, every dog has their moment to shine, yet the experience is enriched by the group setting. We celebrate every achievement, learn from each challenge, and value the unique journey of every dog in our community.

Are You Ready for an Adventure? Our mantrailing sessions are suitable for all – from complete beginners to seasoned handlers. You’ll see your dog’s confidence and problem-solving skills grow with each session. More than just tracking, mantrailing offers the excitement of the hunt and the satisfaction of success.

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