Unlock Your Dog’s Potential with Personalised One-to-One Training Sessions

Unlock your dog’s potential with personalised one-to-one training sessions

Welcome to Pure Dog Adventure Training’s bespoke dog training Sessions – designed for owners who want personalised attention and training plans customised to their dogs’ unique needs.

Enjoy the undivided attention of our professional trainers. These sessions are perfect if you’re keen to focus on specific training goals, whether it’s enhancing obedience, mastering gundog exercises, or building agility through hoopers.

Each session is tailored to your dog’s abilities, learning style, and pace, ensuring a positive and fulfilling training experience. Benefit from flexible scheduling, and let us work around your lifestyle, providing convenient training that fits into your routine.

Invest in our One-to-One Training Sessions, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your dog’s skills and confidence grow in leaps and bounds.

VIP Sessions

Introducing Pure Dog Adventure Training’s premium VIP Sessions – the ultimate immersive training experience for dog owners looking for exclusive, in-depth, hands-on training.

Spend the day training directly with me, getting a first-hand experience of my tried and tested training techniques. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to train alongside my dogs, learning from their well-honed skills and behaviour.

These exclusive sessions are conducted in a variety of locations, providing a diverse and rich learning environment that will challenge and inspire both you and your dog. The dynamic settings offer unique experiences, allowing you to see how different surroundings can influence your dog’s behaviour and responses.

Gain a deeper understanding of your dog’s capabilities and behaviour, while fostering a stronger bond between you both. You’ll also receive my personal insights and tailored advice to help you enhance your training skills.

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