Foundation Classes for Puppies and Beginners

Welcome to Our Foundation Classes at Pure Dog Adventure Training

At Pure Dog Adventure Training, we believe every dog deserves a solid foundation, no matter their age or breed. Our Foundation classes for puppies, and older dogs alike, are designed to be inclusive and comprehensive.

Small class sizes for personalised attention

With a cap of just five dogs per class, we ensure each dog receives individual attention. This small group setting, combined with both our indoor and outdoor training areas, provides the perfect environment for learning.

A Comprehensive Curriculum for Every Dog

Our classes cover all the basics, including loose lead walking, recall, and settle. But we go beyond the essentials. We integrate a variety of games and exercises specifically designed to build confidence, engagement, and focus in your dog.

Diverse Training for a Well-Rounded Dog

From obedience to hoopers, gun dog skills to body awareness, balance, and proprioception, our classes offer a well-rounded curriculum. This diverse training ensures your dog not only learns but also enjoys the process, developing skills that last a lifetime.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience

Whether you’re starting a journey with a new puppy or seeking to enhance your older dog’s skills, our foundation classes are the perfect starting point. Join us and watch your dog grow into a confident, engaged, and focused companion.

Ready to Begin?

Contact us today to enroll your dog in our next foundation class. Let’s lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness and companionship together.