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Saga springer spaniel scent detection training railway museum sniffing rear of old train scent detection training

Scent Detection Trial

  • January 14th 2024
  • Location will be confirmed this week
  • Participants must be attending our classes

Our Scent Detection Trials are held at a variety of fun, challenging locations and offer you and your dog an opportunity to put all your skills to the test. You will receive a time slot to come along and your dog will work individually; there will be no other dog in your search area. You can search for any* odour. *Odour must be legal.

Scent Detection Classes

  • Suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • No previous experience required

Discover the amazing world of canine scent detection. Our Scent Detection Classes help your dog harness their natural scenting abilities in stimulating and rewarding operational-style searches. You’ll become an excellent handler, guiding your dog through complex scent puzzles. Book today to begin this scent-sational journey.

Classes are held on the following days and times and run for 90 minutes:

Monday 6pm – 1 space

Wednesday 7pm 

Thursday 1pm & 7pm

Friday 12noon

Saturday 11am & 3pm

Sunday (last Sunday of each month)

Piper springer spaniel sniffs a large travel trunk, Darlington Railway museum scent detection

Scent Sunday Series

  • Bookable as a block of 3 workshops
  • Locations will be confirmed prior to each workshop
  • Suitable for beginners and those with more experience alike

Our Scent Detection Sunday series workshops run on the last Sunday of each month. They are held at a different location each time. These are not regular scent classes, here you will be trained to teach your own dog to search whole buildings. Our groups are really small and you will be well supported.

Mantrailing Sessions

  • Suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • No previous experience required

Did you ever play Hide and Seek? Fancy playing it with your dog?

Experience the thrill of following the trail of a missing person. Ask your dog to sniff an article they’ve left behind so that they know who to search for and then celebrate them, when they find them! Similar to Search and Rescue training, it’s a really enjoyable sport and dogs love it!

We hold regular introduction workshops through the year. There are regular sessions on a Saturday afternoon and on a Tuesday Evening.

Foundation/Puppy Sports Classes

  • 6 weekly face to face classes
  • Maximum 5 dogs in a group
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Next courses start on the 20th and 22nd January

Our Foundation Classes are really comprehensive and progressive. We cover all the usual basics such as recall, settling, loose lead walking and sit/stays but we also cover so much more. All our training is through games and fun exercises and you will receive written feedback each week and a recap of all the training you have done. Building confidence, self control and focus around distractions are some of our aims.

Our classes run for 45 mins, on a Saturday morning at 11am and a Monday evening at 6pm.

Sports Classes

  • Suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • Suuitable for you if you have done some training with your dog

Our Sports Classes are a fun mix of gundog skills, hoopers, obedience and body awareness skills

These classes are really relaxed yet progressive. We set goals and achieve them and all our training is purposeful and fun.

We have classes on the following days and times:

Monday 7.30pm 1 space available

Wednesday 6pm 1 space available

Thursday 2.30pm & 6pm 1 space available

Saturday 9am 1 space available

Piper springer spaniel sniffs a large travel trunk, Darlington Railway museum scent detection

Bespoke One to One Training

  • Private sessions at our training venue
  • Can focus on your specific training goals

Get personalised training solutions for your dog in our One-to-One sessions. These tailored training experiences provide the opportunity to focus on your specific training objectives. From basic obedience to advanced skills, make the most of this exclusive training time. Book your session now for a dedicated focus on your training goals.

Our sessions run for 45 mins, with availability on a Monday or Wednesday at 5pm.

Online Training Courses and Membership

  • Suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • train at your own pace in your own home
  • No experience necessary

Online courses we offer are Settle and Recall. They typically run for 3 weeks with guided training and lots of support.

Additionally we have an online training membership option whereby we teach you not only to train your dog in Scent Detection, but we also teach you exercises from our Sports Classes too. Our vision for this is that you can have a well rounded dog that is both confident and competent and you can work through all those little nuances that are required for a great scent dog. Cross training in this way is both mentally and physically stimulating and you will be well supported.

Piper springer spaniel sniffs a large travel trunk, Darlington Railway museum scent detection
springer spaniel stands on tyres in front of small plane

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