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building trust

Hello to all my fellow dog enthusiasts! It’s no secret that our dogs are more than just pets to us – they’re part of our family. Having four spaniels of my own, Piper, Saga, Evie, and Lily, I know firsthand the deep bond we share with our dogs, one that’s built on a foundation of trust. Let’s dive into the importance of building trust and explore how we can strengthen it with our dogs.

Now, anyone who has a spaniel knows they’re an energetic breed, and this energy can sometimes lead to mayhem – trust me, I’ve been there. Remembering my Evie’s younger days brings back memories of her disappearing into the fields and woodland near our home, often for up to 10 minutes at a time, chasing after every deer and rabbit she could find. It was quite a spectacle, and more than a little embarrassing.

The key to overcoming these challenging times? Building trust. Here’s how.

Firstly, consistency is crucial. Dogs thrive in stable environments. Regular feeding, walking, and play schedules provide a sense of security and routine, fostering trust over time.

Secondly, training should be a joyful experience. Reward good behaviour with their favourite treats or a round of praise. Remember to be patient and create an environment where they look forward to learning and growing.

Next, effective communication is essential. Dogs are exceptionally perceptive, picking up on our energy and cues. Show calm, assertive energy and use clear, consistent commands to build trust and understanding.

Moreover, trust is reciprocal. Show your dog you trust them too. Allow them the freedom to explore and make decisions during walks and playtime. Your trust in them will encourage them to trust you more.

Lastly, enjoy quality time together. Find activities that both you and your dog love. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a fun game of fetch, or simply relaxing on the sofa together, these shared moments strengthen your bond and nurture trust.

Building trust with your dog is a journey that requires time, patience, and genuine effort. It transformed my Evie from a free-spirited explorer into the little angel she is today, and it can do the same for you and your dog.

Until next time, continue to cultivate a relationship built on trust, companionship, and joy with your dogs. Here’s to a life full of tail wags, snuggles, and most importantly, love.

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