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Welcome to our dog training community at our brand-new training venue at Walworth, a place that’s been developed to cater to all of your dog’s training needs.

When you walk into the new training centre, you’ll find that we’ve taken our signature scent detection and sports classes to a whole new level. Each section of our venue has been thoughtfully laid out to maximise the learning experience, both for dogs and their owners.

Every corner of the venue speaks to our core philosophy of adventure training – we’ve created spaces for mental stimulation for dogs that go beyond the standard training environments. From challenging obstacle courses to intriguing scent detection arenas, there’s no shortage of opportunities for your four-legged friend to engage their inherent spirit of adventure.

At the heart of Pure Dog Adventure Training is our thriving dog training community. With this new venue, we aim to provide even more opportunities for our community members to interact, learn, and grow together. We’ve built comfortable spaces where you can chat, exchange tips, and celebrate your dogs’ successes.

At our new training centre, we have put into practice our belief that every dog deserves a stimulating environment that helps nurture a strong dog-owner relationship. This is not just a place to learn; it’s a space where you and your dog can embark on an unforgettable dog training journey together.

The new Pure Dog Adventure Training venue is not just a dog training centre; it’s a hub where dog owners can engage, learn, and grow with their dogs. We can’t wait for you to see it, experience it, and join us as we celebrate the bond we share with our dogs in an entirely new way.

dog training community
pure dog adventure training centre, Saga.

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