In the realm of dog training, the word ‘class’ often brings to mind formal, structured sessions, focusing heavily on discipline and obedience. However, at Pure Dog Adventure Training, we do things differently. Our training classes are less about rigid structures and more about fostering a vibrant, joyful youth club environment for dogs. Here’s why our training classes stand apart:

Fun is Our Mantra

Fun is at the heart of our philosophy at Pure Dog Adventure Training. We believe in transforming the learning experience for our canine companions into a delightful journey. Our training classes reflect this ethos. We’ve infused our sessions with the spirit of a youth club, emphasising activities that stimulate your dog’s instincts, mental agility, and physical prowess while ensuring they have an absolute ball.

A Variety of Adventures

Our training classes cover a wide array of engaging activities, including Hoopers, Gundog-inspired training, scent detection, mantrailing, and general obedience. Each class presents unique, fun-filled opportunities for your dog to learn and grow while playing and exploring.

The Element of Exploration

The sense of exploration is a cornerstone of our training classes. We make use of different environments and scenarios, presenting fresh, stimulating experiences for your dog. Whether it’s winding through Hoopers courses, tracking in our Mantrailing sessions, following intriguing scents in our scent detection classes, or navigating the intriguing surroundings of our training venues, every class is a new adventure for your furry friend.

Building a Community

The feeling of camaraderie and belonging, reminiscent of youth clubs, is what we aspire to instil through our training classes. Our community of dog enthusiasts is the heart of Pure Dog Adventure Training. We cheer every success, however small, and provide unwavering support in our shared dog-training journeys. Joining our classes doesn’t just mean exciting training sessions for your dog; it also means becoming a part of a community that celebrates the love for dogs.

Ready for Adventure?

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional, regimented training sessions and wish to embrace a fun, adventurous, and community-oriented experience for your dog, our training classes are exactly what you need. Join us, let your dog enjoy a youth club tailored exclusively for them, and together let’s unleash the fun!

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