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Want to find out more about our mantrailing workshops?

Ever wondered what mantrailing training is? If movies and TV have taught us anything, it’s watching police dogs in action, nose to the ground, tail wagging, leading handlers to someone lost or in hiding. But, guess what? This isn’t just for police dogs; your furry friend can get in on the action too!

1. What’s Mantrailing, Anyway?

Mantrailing is essentially harnessing the power of a dog’s nose to track and find people. Think of it as a fun hide-and-seek game, ramped up several notches, and crafted around your dog’s natural scent-tracking ability.

2. Intimate Groups for Focused Learning

Our mantra (pun intended!) is quality over quantity. That’s why we cap our groups at five dogs. This isn’t a factory; it’s a tailored experience ensuring every dog gets our undivided attention.

3. Personalised mantrailing training for each team

Here’s the thing: While we work in a group setting, each dog gets its individual turn in the spotlight. This approach ensures a controlled environment, particularly essential for reactive or nervous dogs, and allows us to tailor the experience to each dog’s comfort and skill level.

4. Fresh Environments Keep Things Exciting

Novelty is the name of the game. Our progression sessions take place in unique environments, carefully chosen based on the group’s skill level. As your dog advances, we up the ante, introducing them to new challenges that keep them (and you) on their toes.

5. The Amazing Benefits of Mantrailing

  • Mental Stimulation: Mantrailing isn’t just physically taxing; it’s a workout for your dog’s brain too.
  • Building Confidence: Every find boosts your dog’s self-confidence. It’s beautiful watching shy dogs come out of their shells.
  • Strengthening Bonds: Working as a team, understanding each other, and celebrating every find together; mantrailing is as much about you and your dog as an unstoppable duo as it is about the trail.
  • Improving Social Skills: Gradual exposure to different environments and other dogs aids in developing your dog’s social skills.
  • It’s Fun!: Yes, we had to put this in. Watching your dog’s tail wag, the excitement in their eyes, and the sheer joy when they find what they’re looking for is priceless.

Wrap Up

In essence, our mantrailing workshop and progression sessions aren’t just about teaching your dog a new skill. It’s about discovery, building bonds, and above all, embarking on an adventure together. If you’re ready for a journey filled with tail wags, ‘eureka’ moments, and a whole lot of happy barks, come trail with us!

mantrailing workshops, mantrailing sessions, mantrailing training
Labrador Mantrailing workshop

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